When Breaking Up With Bounce Rates Is Hard To Do:  How to Move Forward in GA4's Engagement Era

Bounce rates have long been a standard key performance indicator (KPI) in digital marketing reports. However, with the transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google has recently deprioritized bounce rate as they are focusing more on engagement. This reframing of performance brings about a multitude of challenges. Marketers need to understand the disparities and implications between these nuanced metrics so they can guide key stakeholders through this evolving ecosystem.

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Google and Yahoo’s New Requirements for Mass Email Senders. See How AI is Being Harnessed.

Lately, it seems like there’s always some new tool, important change, or major update taking place. We get it. It can feel like a lot to keep up with. Most recently, Google and Yahoo started enforcing new email authentication requirements for mass email senders. A lot of these requirements are best practices that we’ve been implementing on behalf of our clients for years. In our experience, we know that ethical email practices and success go hand-in-hand and we appreciate the fact that they are now being enforced. 

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Here's to the Changemakers...

Fortune recently released their 2023 Change the World list, featuring companies “mobilizing the creative tools of capitalism to help solve social problems – using the profit motive to achieve goals that are just as important as turning a profit, and sometimes more so.”

It's inspiring to see people from around the world come together to give their time, talent and treasure to help solve social problems. For example, what Mastercard has done in a time of crisis is invaluable:

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Adapting to Change: Meta's Latest Update on Nonprofit Fundraising Tools

In the ever-evolving landscape of digital fundraising, adaptability is key. Meta has recently announced a series of changes to its in-platform nonprofit fundraising tools, which will impact organizations relying on this platform for their charitable efforts. At Moore, we always advocate for our clients to diversify their fundraising approaches and channels, and these recent updates from Meta only reinforce the importance of this approach. How ever we feel about the future viability of Meta’s tools, we know they currently contribute to a significant slice of many nonprofit’s fundraising pies. So, here’s a quick summary of the changes coming to Meta's in-platform nonprofit fundraising tools and why it's crucial to stay ahead of the curve.

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A Day in the Life: How Donor Ambassadors Build Mid-level Donor Bonds

Your mid-level donors represent a small but mighty segment – typically a small fraction of the donor base representing a large proportion of giving. To keep them actively engaged, it’s important to recognize their support through gratitude and by connecting them to the mission that they’ve generously chosen to support. Among the many proven strategies to engage mid-level supporters within THD’s Donor AdvancementSM practice is our Donor Ambassador program.  

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How to Implement Google Analytics 4

On July 1st, 2023, Google's Universal Analytics properties stopped processing data. If you haven't set up Google Analytics 4 to track your digital fundraising efforts yet, now is the time. The new Google Analytics has the ability to provide advanced insights across platforms, but only if you set it up properly. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to implement GA4.

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How Google’s Year in Search 2022 Could Help You Engage New Donors

Of the millions (billions) of things people searched for in 2022, one category stands out that deserves our attention… How to Help.

So many people in the United States were actively searching for how to help those in need that it became a trending topic. That’s great. Period full stop. 

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THD Announces Chief Strategy Officer Linda Williams Promoted to President

Thompson Habib Denison, a Moore company, announces that Linda Williams has been promoted to president. Williams’ promotion supports the THD commitment to continued client growth in fundraising and strategic goals.

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Mastercard Has Some New Rules and What it Means for Your Monthly Giving or Annual Membership Program

It’s been a marketer’s debate on monthly giving: do you send supporters a tax receipt each month to remind them of their gift, or just a single rolled-up tax receipt at the end of the year? Are those extra touchpoints harmful or helpful? Mastercard has published some new regulations on recurring transactions that make the case for a monthly reminder.

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Bridge Conference Fast Takes: Seen, Heard, Learned

Our colleagues returned from the 17th Annual Bridge to Integrated Marketing & Fundraising Conference energized. Many commented on how refreshing it was to attend an in-person event once again — to see familiar faces and make new connections, to hear new ideas and learn from dynamic sessions.

Here are fast takes from three THDers about their experience:

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