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Donor attitudes, evolving. Traditional approaches, disruptedAre you keeping up? 

Donor journeys that repeatedly engage givers and inspire long term connections bring more value to your nonprofit. Yet the average donor contributes for less than two years. After five years, roughly 90% of donors have lapsed. Increase donor loyalty and grow their value with THD as your partner. Our sole mission is to develop data-driven marketing strategies for you using best-in-class analytics and modeling, creative, digital marketing, and direct response tools to meet donors wherever they are, with the right message, at the right time.

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Your donors live in a multichannel world. We are multichannel marketers.

We focus on expanding donor relationships by helping you deliver satisfying multichannel experiences across the entire donor lifecycle, acknowledging tenure and commitment to increase donor longevity. By creating cohesive cross-channel campaigns, we create meaningful donor experiences that encourage donors to give more and stay engaged longer. 


Case Study: Facebook Fundraising

Learn how THD helped Birthright Israel Foundation develop Facebook into a sustainable fundraising channel.

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Make smarter, insights-driven decisions at each donor lifecycle stage

We work hand in hand with your team to tell authentic stories and deliver a tailored experience at each stage of the donor lifecycle. We help educate and onboard prospects, renew donor commitments, engage and upgrade existing donors, retain donors during peak giving periods, re-engage post-peak donors, and recapture lapsed donors by following our innovative strategic framework and our unique donor development plans.

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Industry-leading analytics deliver donors & dollars

Grounded in best-in-class analytics and sophisticated modeling, THD designs campaigns tailored to your donors’ motivations, behaviors, and channel preferences. With actionable insights, you will engage donors through compelling storytelling through channels they prefer to illustrate how their dollars make a measurable impact.

Learn how THD’s data-driven donor engagement strategies can help your nonprofit grow.

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