Who We Are

THD is a social impact agency committed to helping nonprofits grow through long-term, brand-loyal donor relationships.

We combine core competencies in strategy, data, analytics, marketing, and creative to develop and execute insight-driven multichannel strategies to advance the mission of meaningful causes that serve our communities, our nation, and our world.

In 2021, THD became part of Moore, a global leader in performance-driven marketing solutions focused on all facets of the consumer experience.

Singularly focused on solving nonprofit marketing challenges

THD builds long-term, loyal relationships between donors and nonprofit brands through data-driven marketing strategies. We create high-impact fundraising campaigns for each step of the donor journey, maximizing performance for each client.

Through unique, insights-powered plans, award-winning analytical tools, digital marketing techniques, and compelling creative, we build multichannel donor experiences that engage and acknowledge donors, motivating them to join the cause, give repeatedly, and stay connected for the long term.

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Meet the Team

Jay Denison

President/Founding Partner

Linda Williams

Chief Strategy Officer

Carol Dane

Senior Vice President, People & Operations

Beth Mello

Senior Vice President, Account Management

Brian Murphy

Senior Vice President, Analytics & Technology

Kellie de Leon

Vice President, Marketing & Strategy

Chris Hubbard

Vice President, Data Strategy

Sarah Koss

Vice President, Account Management

Chad Lucier

Vice President, Donor Advancement

Kristina Lupo

Vice President, Strategy & Digital Operations

Len Rallo

Vice President, Creative

Andrea Santos

Vice President, Account Management

Our Values

Act With Integrity

Nothing is more important at THD than acting with honor and integrity in our relationships and in our business decisions.

Do Good

Every day we have an opportunity to "do good".


Work Together

Our culture is rooted in teamwork and creating supportive relationships.





Go Beyond

Do something above and beyond what's expected.



Meet Commitments

Meeting commitments and holding each other accountable is how we all succeed.

Be Curious

Growth is facilitated by being curious - ask questions, ask for help, research independently, get outside your comfort zone.


Work With Us