Here's to the Changemakers...

Fortune recently released their 2023 Change the World list, featuring companies “mobilizing the creative tools of capitalism to help solve social problems – using the profit motive to achieve goals that are just as important as turning a profit, and sometimes more so.”

It's inspiring to see people from around the world come together to give their time, talent and treasure to help solve social problems. For example, what Mastercard has done in a time of crisis is invaluable:

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What We Learned About Email Marketing During the Pandemic

During These Strange Times, Our Email Programs Have Shown Resilience

It goes without saying that the coronavirus outbreak caused an upheaval in how nonprofits are approaching their fundraising programs. Given the new norm of social distancing, many organizations will need to rely more on digital marketing to compensate for losses they may be seeing in other channels. 

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How is the COVID-19 Crisis Affecting the USPS? FAQs for Nonprofits Navigating the Pandemic Landscape

As the country tries to slow the spread of COVID-19 and non-essential businesses are required to modify how they operate, many in our industry are concerned about how this will affect our ability to continue helping our clients to fulfill their missions. In direct mail fundraising, the USPS is the most instrumental tool we have to reach our donors and deliver our message. And it is crucial not only to direct response fundraising, but critical to the infrastructure of the entire country. Authorized and recognized by the United States Constitution, the USPS was of course deemed an essential institution and will remain open and fully operational throughout the remainder of the COVID-19 outbreak. 

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Your #GivingTuesdayNow Survival Guide

On March 31st, announced "#GivingTuesdayNow", a worldwide day of giving prompted in response to the financial hardships nonprofits are experiencing because of the coronavirus pandemic. Though a great opportunity for struggling organizations to inject some energy into their Spring fundraising efforts, #GivingTuesdayNow has presented some challenges to nonprofits, which are pivoting quickly to incorporate this worldwide day of giving into their current communications schedule.

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Coronavirus Shakes Up the Digital Landscape

Here’s what nonprofits need to know

Coronavirus is shaking up businesses, consumers and donors alike. With the pandemic in full swing and uncertainty around when it will end, digital marketing for nonprofits has become more important than ever. 

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Potential Coronavirus Impact

As companies and organizations across the world face unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic, the full economic impact remains unclear. While nonprofits providing medical and relief aid may see an increase in fundraising revenue in the short term, uncertainty remains around how it will affect the nonprofit sector on the whole in the longer term. What we can do, is look to recent economic downturns to begin to prepare for the potential impact of market decline.

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A Conversation With Michelle Hurtado, Head of Google Ad Grants


Michelle Hurtado
Global Head of Google Ad Grants
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Google, Facebook, Network for Good and The Unknown Known

Facebook and Network for Good have done a good thing.

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Timely and relevant: Reaching your donors with news that matters

Beth Mello
Senior Vice President, Account Services
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Four “Must-Do’s” to Ensure a Strong Mid-Level Program

Nora Millwood
VP, Account Services

Many nonprofits (yours included?) are looking to enhance their mid-level programs, and for good reason. With flat or declining program investments and fewer new donors, focusing on your mid-level is a critical way to increase revenue without a great deal of added expense.

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