Recent Posts by Alden Lowe

Alden is Director of Performance Marketing Analytics at THD, Inc.. With 10 years of experience honing his analytical skills, Alden has spent his past four years at THD using analytics to help identify insights and drive and inform strategic direction for several major national nonprofits.

We Put Our Interactive Dashboards into Hyperdrive

We’ve been busy in our home laboratories during these past few months. After lots of testing (and retesting), we now have a new way to spot your program and audience trends — and do it faster than ever.

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What We Learned About Email Marketing During the Pandemic

During These Strange Times, Our Email Programs Have Shown Resilience

It goes without saying that the coronavirus outbreak caused an upheaval in how nonprofits are approaching their fundraising programs. Given the new norm of social distancing, many organizations will need to rely more on digital marketing to compensate for losses they may be seeing in other channels. 

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