Every Data-Driven Nonprofit Needs This Digital Marketing Dashboard


We can’t help it. We love making dashboards to help data-driven nonprofit organizations with their marketing and fundraising goals. And nothing is going to stop us.  

THD lens is a suite of interactive dashboards that combines a multitude of data sources to visualize your data quickly, cleanly, and in context in a way that would otherwise not be possible without significant effort.  

Today, we are showcasing our new Digital Marketing Suite, a collection of eight brand new dashboard views, which we customized based on our clients’ wish lists. Highlighted below are a few of my favorite views to give you a sense of what is possible with this next-generation set of THD lens business intelligence dashboards:

Dashboard 1: Financial Performance by Channel Made Easy 

Your fundraising program relies on the combination of many channels, tactics, and tools, including the ever-growing digital marketing ones like SEO, email marketing, paid search advertising, referral partnerships, organic social management, and more. Measuring performance across all of these meant hopping from one platform to the next. You needed to be an expert in each, and have lots of extra time on your hands. 

Until now! With the Financial Performance Dashboard, all of your channels are reconciled together in one place. One screen, one clear snapshot of how each channel is performing to drive results on your website. Interested? Check out a detailed walk-through of this must-have dashboard here! 

Dashboard 2: Get Analyst-Level Detail by Geo in Seconds  

In a world of limited budgets and tight timelines, it is imperative to not only understand which channels are working, but also where and why they are working. Getting to this granular level of detail often requires a significant chunk of an analyst’s time — and if you don’t have an analyst on staff or if you are the analyst, then it’s your time we’re talking about!   

This is why we made the Website Sessions Trends Dashboard. This tool breaks down your website traffic by channel and geographic location across a specified timeline. Even cooler, the dashboard gives you the ability to compare your performance to various market forces (the S & P 500, new COVID-19 cases, etc.) to add further context to your analysis. This makes what would be a high-level analyst report something that anyone (analyst or not) can create in just a few seconds. Let me show you how.  

Dashboard 3: Instant Audience Profiles   

One of the most crucial aspects to be aware of in any marketing campaign, in any channel, is your audience profile. Without it, you have limited basis for what constitutes appropriate messaging and design. Getting audience profile information has traditionally required things like expensive research consultants, dedicated zero-party data campaign efforts, or heavy lifting from an analyst. 

Now, in just a few clicks, you can visualize who your donors are with data-driven detail. Our Audience Explorer Dashboard showcases multiple behavioral elements of your users all in one place. You can even cross-reference between attributes as you dig into each so you can build detailed audience profiles in no time. Intrigued? We’ve saved the best for last. Our walk-through includes a tour of this dashboard as well.

In Summation: Get Better Insights With Less Effort  

I love this tool. As an analyst, it saves me a ton of time, and I’ve seen firsthand what a game changer this has become for our clients who don’t have the time, staff, or resources to spend organizing data and building reports.   

These are also just some of the views we have created. There’s so much more to see and experience. And we’d love to give you a personal, online demo customized to your needs — just ask! 

Better Views Into Program Performance. Inspired by YOU. 

What data blind spots keep you up at night? We are continuously developing new suites of dashboards tailored to address real-life fundraising challenges you’re facing, so we want to hear from you about what you need. Speak to your THD account managers or drop us a line here.

Happy analyzing, my friends.  

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