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Jamie is Director of Business Development at THD. He is responsible for pursuing opportunities to elevate THD’s profile in the marketplace and contribute to the growth of our business. He also manages the execution of THD’s external marketing efforts. Jamie has more than ten years of fundraising experience on both the client and agency sides, having served in account management roles partnering with a variety of nonprofits large and small. In his free time, Jamie is an avid skier and winter sports enthusiast. Off the mountain, he enjoys running along the Charles River in Boston, weekends on the coast of Maine and Cape Cod, and amateur weather forecasting.

Your Donors’ Habits & Motivations Are Permanently Changing… Are You?

My iPhone’s “control center” serves up a daily sampling of photos from my photo library, taking me back in time to pictures of vacations, graduations and reunions, birthdays, and weddings captured “On This Day,” sometimes many years ago. These strolls down memory lane are an invitation to revisit the past, but it’s not the oldest photos that give me pause lately — it’s revisiting photos from just one year ago. 

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Lions & Tigers & Attribution, Oh My!

The THD Data Nerds Take an Attribution Novice for a Trip Down the Yellow Brick Road

I’ve been working in the field of nonprofit fundraising for north of a decade now, so I’ve been around the block a few times. Even still, I keep getting hung up on something, something that everyone’s talking about. It’s a perennial thorn in my side, year after year. And that thorn is called attribution.

Don’t get me wrong, I get the concept. It’s about accurately assigning, or attributing, the value of a specific marketing touchpoint in a series of touchpoints that leads to a user taking an action, or converting. How to use it, how to put attribution into action — that’s my stumbling block.

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