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Chris is Vice President of Data Strategy at THD. For 25 years, Chris has been working with nonprofits, both on the agency and client sides. Working with premier organizations like the American Red Cross, Mercy Corps, Americares, Alzheimer’s Association, Autism Speaks, and Special Olympics, Chris draws on his cross-sector, cross-channel experience to deliver fresh insights and strategy.

A COVID-Era Diary of a THD Data Nerd

Hi! I'm Chris Hubbard. In my role as Vice President of Data Strategy at THD, I'm responsible for ensuring that our clients’ data is fully utilized to drive revenue.

Our point of view on data at THD is that it’s not enough to just collect lots of donor and giving data. That data needs to be accessible and presented in a way that facilitates insight discovery and action.                    

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Five Easy Steps Toward Understanding Attribution

Direct marketing used to be exactly that: "Direct."

But in today's multi-channel marketing world, that's not the case. With donors receiving fundraising messages and brand impressions through a wide variety of sources and channels, we now must answer a more difficult but pressing question: "How did our promotional effort in channel X influence giving in channel Y?"

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