You Say You Want a Resolution...


It's the New Year. Make any resolutions? Broken any yet?

Oh, and please, that friend that says "My resolution this year was to make no resolution." You know they have a list longer than a CVS receipt.

Big or small, some we talk about, some we keep private — we all make them. And why not? Even a broken resolution provides us with some motivation to be better, right?

It got us thinking here at THD about resolutions that fundraisers and fundraising agencies like ourselves might want to put into place in the year ahead. How can we make better connections with one another — and our donors — in a year that will no doubt present challenges and opportunities, both familiar and new?

Here are a few (nine in fact) we thought of and WE'D LOVE to hear yours.

So leave some in the comments, send us a note, heck, give us a call — whatever works. As a follow-up, we'll publish some of what you told us. And maybe even create a big list to inspire us all this year.

We resolve to...

  • Focus on developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for those "valuable with so much potential" mid-level donors
  • Collaborate with colleagues (who are also struggling) to design manageable solutions to the ever-elusive revenue attribution challenge
  • Pick up the phone! A two-minute phone call instead of 18 emails can do wonders for a relationship... and carpal tunnel
  • Break down data silos that impede a truly representative view of our donors
  • Stop blaming Trump (this is not an endorsement, but rather a challenge to dig deeper)
  • Continuously remind ourselves that donors, regardless of the labels and names we give them, are people. Their total experience, not just past giving behavior, is what will motivate them to stay engaged
  • Pay attention to what the file is telling me — and take steps to set up my program for long-term prosperity, even if it means short-term pain
  • Take risks with creative and push boundaries
  • Place a buzzword jar in every conference room (all contributions going to charity, of course) to end the use of terms like 'viral marketing', 'content marketing', and 'synergy,' to name a few

So, there you have it. A start, anyway.

Happy New Year from THD. Let us know what you're resolving to do more of, less of, better than before, or just differently in 2019 — and here's hoping we see you soon.


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