About The Birthright Israel Foundation

Birthright Israel seeks to ensure that every eligible young Jewish adult around the world, especially the less connected, is given the opportunity to visit Israel on this educational journey. Birthright Israel Foundation raises funds in the United States to support Birthright Israel. The Birthright Israel program aims to give the gift of an educational trip to Israel to 50,000 young Jewish adults each year.

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The Challenge:

In 2015, the Birthright Israel Foundation had a limited digital presence, and the majority of their online revenue came from email and passive online giving. After a large-scale email deliverability issue was identified, it was time to diversify and rethink their digital strategy. Together with THD, the foundation developed a digital pilot program leveraging paid search, social, and display.

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The Solution:

With limited historical data, we focused on brand building through display and improving our discoverability through search. Facebook represented a relatively small portion of the overall budget.

The pilot was a success resulting in a positive return on ad spend and Facebook, despite driving relatively little revenue delivered encouraging engagement metrics; click and engagement rates were more than 15X industry benchmarks.

Over the next two fiscal years, the Birthright Israel Foundation strategically increased its investment in Facebook while testing various messaging strategies and creative approaches, continuously optimizing against the best-performing audiences and markets, prioritizing retargeting, and finding a balance between appeal and engagement campaigns.

Our paid strategy, driving to Birthright Israel Foundation forms, helped us collect donor data and establish Facebook as a direct response revenue driver even as Facebook Fundraisers began to build significant momentum.

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The Results:

Facebook played a role in helping the Birthright Israel Foundation drive multiple years of double-digit site traffic increases and now represents more than 16% of the entire digital budget. The channel consistently delivers a ROAS well above 100%, and now makes up over 5% of all direct response digital revenue.