Committed to Nonprofits

BuildingTHD is a full-service direct and digital marketing agency specializing in integrated fundraising and membership programs. Since our founding, we have concentrated on serving nonprofit organizations; generating support for philanthropies is our passion. In partnership with our clients, we've helped raise hundreds of millions of dollars. We have a growing staff of professionals who currently serve 21 clients.

Our office is located at 55 Old Bedford Road in Lincoln, MA.

Our Philosophy

At the heart of THD is a philosophy of fundraising based on taking a “whole donor” view of our clients’ constituents. We see the arrival of a new donor as the beginning of a long and rewarding relationship. True, some donors may make one gift and never associate with you again. But others will forge a life-long bond with your organization, one that is built on respect, trust, and satisfaction.

To get there, they must embark on a journey. And THD will provide the map – a clear path and a communication program that is nurturing, informative and full of opportunity for meaningful action. Unfortunately, the old paradigm of fundraising as a series of discrete interactions designed to achieve discrete objectives – driven by self-contained revenue and expense considerations – often stands in the way of this journey. That’s why we regard your relationship with your donors as a continuum – evolving from that first early step, marked by a single, often modest contribution, to a legacy that includes estate planning.

Clients We Serve