THD consistently invests in analytic staff and product development to offer powerful tools that effectively drive improved performance for our clients. Our fast, flexible Business Intelligence Platform allows us to analyze data in ways that traditional agencies can't, providing clients with a true competitive advantage in today's challenging fundraising environment.

Measure the True Value of a Constituent

Most nonprofits communicate with their constituents through multiple channels across a variety of programs. And yet no one has a complete picture of who a constituent is, or how he or she may interact with the organization as a whole. For example, a constituent may be an advocate as well as a donor. He or she may also be an event participant whose life has been personally impacted by your organization's mission. How do you measure the value of such a constituent?

Our 360° Constituent Analysis℠, one of our newest and most revolutionary offerings, can fundamentally change the way you think about and interact with constituents. It combines integrated analytic data, custom reporting/analysis, and strategic frameworks to help you understand and measure the value of a constituent across all channels and programs.

Robust Suite of Analytic Tools

In addition to our groundbreaking 360° Constituent Analysis℠, we offer: